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25 Things You Don't Know About If You Weren't Born In The '80s

25 Things You Don’t Know About If You Weren’t Born In The ’80s

By April 28, 2014 No Comments

Lately I’ve been hanging with my kids feeling nostalgic for my youth and I’ve started to wonder which of all the futuristic gadgets will soon become relics of the ages, lost to the sands of time while ‘Murica marches on. Here’s a look back on so many of the things that sure seemed to be important at the time.

Do you remember that …


kapowski Zack Morris wasn’t the only reason you watched ‘Saved By The Bell’.
 unnamed You weren’t cool unless you knew the Cabbage Patch.
unnamed You could write words on beepers like a boss.
unnamed (1) Baseball cards weren’t the only things you traded.
unnamed (4) You heard it through the grapevine.
unnamed (3) You could jump higher in the ’80s.
transformers (Medium) The Transformers used to be cool.
teddy_ruxpin_commercial (Medium) Teddy Ruxpin was always creepy, but you loved him anyway.
unnamed (5) There have been exactly two movies in which Keanu Reeves lived up to his full potential. ‘The Matrix’ wasn’t one of them.
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego_4 (Medium) Carmen Sandiego made geography fun…
rockapella (Medium) … but Rockapella made it AWESOME.
OregonTrail (Medium) Video games used to be hard. REALLY hard.
slimed (Medium) You REALLY couldn’t say that on television.
gummi bears (Medium) Doing drugs was all right – as long as the drug was Gummiberry Juice.
Crayons (Medium) You used to sharpen anything you could get your hands on.
tiger_baseball_1 (Medium) There was a time before we had an app for that.
see through phone (Medium) Phones used to be invisible.
e59d_calculator_watch (Medium) The smartest kids in class could do math REALLY quickly.
Lambo Trapper Keeper (Medium) Everyone had Trapper Keepers, even if you couldn’t take them to school.
tmnt-liveaction-header (Medium) CGI was totally unnecessary.
TGIF (Medium) There were at least four reasons to stay home on Friday nights.
Flakhor (Medium) Fred Savage used to have a career.
the noid (Medium) Dominos Pizza gave us more than just great pizza: they gave us great advice.
original max (Medium) Before Apple was called Macintosh they were called Apple.
nintendo_gameboy2 (Medium) Two buttons were all you really needed.

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